3 Reasons Why You Should Workout at Home

exercise_at_homeI wasted a lot of time working out at a gym. Not only did I waste a lot of time, but I also wasted a lot of money. Especially in this tough economy, it’s time for you to forget your gym membership and switch to working out at home.

The first reason why you should start working out at home is fairly obvious: it’ll save you money. Gym memberships can cost up to $400 per year. Instead, you can start training at home with with your bodyweight and a pair dumbbells for under $100.

The second reason why you should start working out at home is that it’s more convenient. You don’t need to drive down to a gym. You can just wake up in the morning, and pump out a few pushupsHow Much Weight Am I Lifting in a Push-Up?. Read more ... ». Or you can come home from work, walk into you garage, and start lifting some weights.

The third, but certainly not the last, reason that you should workout at homeBrazil Butt Move: The Samba Tomato. Read more ... » is that it saves you time. We’ve already eliminated the need to go down to a gym, so that’ll save you at least 30 -60 minutes of travel time.

However, what about the time it takes you to wait for piece of equipment? Most people go after work or during their lunch break. During rush hour,every one’s using everything! If you go to a popular gym such as Golds or LA FitnessSee How I Gained 20 Pounds of Lean Muscle with P90X. Read more ... », then you’ll probably end up waiting another 30-60 minutes just for the equipment to free up.

So with home workouts, we’re talking about convenience, time saved, and most importantly, money saved.

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