Alessandra Ambrosio’s Brazilian Butt Workout


www.freepix4all.comSupermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is one gorgeous angel. Whether she’s donning lacy lingerie for the latest Victoria’s Secret catalogue, gracing the cover of countless fashion magazines or making memorable appearances in movies, the spicy Brazilian bombshell is easily among the world’s most beautiful women.

What’s the secret to her Victoria’s Secret beautiful body?  It all started 10 years ago when she approached fitness expert extraordinaire, Leandro Carvalho.

“Alessandra was looking for a program to specifically target and tone her butt without bulking up her legs,” Carvalho says. “She wanted her legs longer, her thighs thinner, and her butt toned and tightened.”

As a result, Carvalho’s world-famous “Brazil Butt Lift6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight. Read more ... »” was born and since then, celebrities, supermodels and Victoria’s Secret angels alike have been flocking (or flying) to the innovative Brazilian trainer to learn his secret on getting one awesome butt.


The always-angelic Ambrosio says of Carvalho, “Leandro is just the best trainer for my butt—and for my absHow to get rid of your muffin top. Read more ... », and for everything else—but especially my butt! He came up with this whole workout just for my butt. He is the best.”

As a dynamic blend of fatHow to get rid of back fat. Read more ... »-melting cardio, Brazilian dance, and lower-body sculpting moves, his triangle training method targets every muscleSee How I Gained 20 Pounds of Lean Muscle with P90X. Read more ... » of your booty to make you, as Carvalho states, “Look divine from behind.”

The program works the three major muscles of your butt: the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus, working them from multiple angles to lift, firm, and shape your behind all without adding bulk Ask the Expert: How Can I Bulk Up?. Read more ... » to thighs. Hallelujah to that!

“You’re doing cardio at the same time that you’re using muscles and sculpting the body,” Carvalho says. “All you need is your own body weight. My workout tones your bum bum, but keeps your curves so you can stay sensual and feminine.”

If you want to transform your booty “from saggy to sexy, from droopy to dreamy and from pear-shaped to perfect” and flaunt your best ass-ets just like Ambrosio, check out her Brazilian “bum-bum-booty” workout,




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