Learn how Shakeology WILL actually SAVE you money!

Shakeology Real world

I know so many of you want shakeologyBrazil Butt Move: The Samba Tomato. Read more ... » but are not sure it is worth the price. My hope here is to not build value in shakeology in hopes to build you up to getting the product, but to show you that you actually would NOT be spending more money than you would other wise on your monthly budget to get your hands on shakeology.

So Please Read…

Shakeology retail price is $129 for a one month supply (30 servings at one serving per day). It will help you loose more weight and create more energy3 Day Refresh and Shakeology: Break Bad Habits. See Success.. Read more ... » without the use of stimulants or anything else unnatural. The value is there, we know that already so I won’t spend time telling you how great and beneficial shakeology is for your well being.

There are two BIG ways to save money on shakeology so that YOU can finally get yours. You can combine the two ways or do one or the other. One way to save is to do your purchasing using the huge coach discounts and the other way to save is by taking shakeology as a meal replacement. I’m going to break both ways down for you so you can see how valuble these savings are in terms of saving you a good chunk of money.

To save money on the purchase itself you can save $30 on the retail price if you purchase it as a COACH (25% discount). In the spirit of no surprises there is a monthly coaching fee of $15.95 for a net savings of $15 every month on shakeology and a one time start up fee of $39.95 which will be bought and paid for in in your SECOND month just by the automatic coach discounts. Oh yes, that first month coach fee of $15.95 is FREE. This means you can save $15 per month begining with your FIRST purchase on shakeology just by purchasing with the coaching discounts and it doesn’t matter if you have any interest in actually coaching or doing anything else with your coaching membership for that matter. I actually have coaches who are coaches ONLY so they can take advantage of the huge discounts coaches have on all fitnessSee How I Gained 20 Pounds of Lean Muscle with P90X. Read more ... » programs and supplements. They are saving literally HUNDREDS of dollars each month with the various savings combined, all for just a $15 monthly fee. If you want to save lots of money then making your purchases with the coach discounts makes sense.

To save money purely by using the shake use it as a MEAL REPLACEMENT. You are going to spend money on your meals anyway. There is no way around that. Spend your money replacing just one meal per day on a shakeology meal which is going to be more nutritious for you anyway AND in far less caloriesHow Many Calories Should I Eat?. Read more ... ». That way you are simply trading off one meal for another without spending extra money and possibly even SAVING money depending on how much you “typically” spend on food. Shakeology breaks down to between $3 and $4 dollars per meal. That is a pretty dang inexpensive meal AND you are getting far more nutrients3 Day Refresh and Shakeology: Break Bad Habits. See Success.. Read more ... » your body needs AND in far less calories. It is a WIN – WIN – WIN situation.

Using either one of the two methods I described above will SAVE you money plain and simple. Combining both methods will save you the most (an extra $15 a month just on shakeology alone), easily.

Create a FREE account on my BeachbodyWHAT IS PIYO??. Read more ... » store website so that you can purchase shakeology for yourself at retail price today and save using shakeology as a meal replacement OR sign up for the coach discount and save that extra $15 a month in addition to the meal replacement savings.

You will no longer need that Morning Coffee. That afternoon Red Bull or anything like that. Why? Because the Energy Shakeology will give you. There are many ways to save with Shakeology. You will also save on your Doctor’s Bill. I have been using Shakeology for over two years now and I have not been sick 1 time during those two years. I attribute that to all the wonderful superfoods5 Shakeology Myths —DEBUNKED!. Read more ... » that Shakeology has to offer.