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How Santa Claus and 8 More of Your Favorite Fictional Characters Can Get Fit

cartoon man lifting weight

Jessica Rabbit famously once said, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” But not all fictional characters are so lucky. Many are created overweight, out of shape, and in need of a good workout. But that doesn’t mean they can’t change…We spoke to Steve Edwards, Beachbody’s VP of Fitness and Nutrition, to figure out which program would help such characters as Santa Claus, Homer Simpson, and the Blob get into shape.

AGE: 40
HEIGHT: 6’0″
WEIGHT: 239 lbs.
One night, after being thrown out of an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant for eating too much, Homer drove around until 3 AM looking for another all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant. His compulsive eating is matched only by his compulsive drinking and his compulsive aversion to exercise.
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “I’d probably start him with 10-Minute Trainer because he needs to do something suited to his short attention span that will change his habits without a lot of time investment. Homer’s the kind of person who will find any excuse to not exercise. But ten minutes a day? Pretty hard to find an excuse not to do that.”

AGE: 35 (in cat years)
HEIGHT: 3’2”
WEIGHT: 30 lbs.
Garfield’s diet consists of lasagna (which he eats by the pan), coffee, and the occasional houseplant. His only exercise comes when he smacks Odie across the nose, smushes a spider, or tries to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi.
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “Cats are athletically gifted, even if they’re out of shape, so I’m thinking we’d want to start Garfield on a basic-level movement-based program like FOCUS T25. It’s basically twenty-five minutes of movement-based, high-intensity training. Then, when he’s done, I’d move him into THE ASYLUM, which would help him in his fights with Odie.”


AGE: mid-60s
HEIGHT: 5’2”
WEIGHT: 175 lbs.
Because of his height and weight, the Penguin typically waddles when he walks, which is not conducive to regular exercise. He also has a business to run, and Batman to run from, so he doesn’t have a lot of time.
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “I would give him P90X3 because it’s a diverse fitness program. He’s often fighting off Batman, so the more versatile he is, the better chance he’ll have to escape. Plus, the program is only 30 minutes a day, so he’ll be able to squeeze that into his busy schedule.”

AGE: 40
HEIGHT: 4’9”
WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
Though he does a lot of running and jumping, and has a healthy, mushroom-based diet, this portly plumber still has the Buddha belly he’s had since 1981.
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “He does a lot of cardio, so what he needs to do is lift weights so he can change his body composition. I’d put him on Body Beast, which is a bodybuilding program. He’s already fit, we don’t need to get him fitter, but we need to change the way he trains and get his metabolism moving in a way where he’ll burn more calories.”

AGE: 44
HEIGHT: 4’5”
WEIGHT: 100 lbs.
Often referred to as “Poor Fat Bombur,” this dwarf did get some exercise when he joined his friends on a quest to free the Lonely Mountain from the dragon Smaug. Though, sadly, this was the only exercise he ever got.
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “He’s kind of in a similar situation as Mario, since he walks around a lot. But he’s a lot less athletic. So he needs more movement-based training. I’d put him on P90X2 because it would not only help him change his body type, but he also wants to get ready for adventure, and P90X2 is our ultimate performance program.”

AGE: 10
HEIGHT: 4’2”
WEIGHT: 90 lbs.
Besides living in a constant state of denial about his weight—”I’m not fat,” he often says, “I’m big boned”—Eric also lives on a steady diet of Cheesy Poofs, chicken pot pie, and fast food, while avoiding most exercise.
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “With a guy like that, you want to find an exercise he’ll like to do. So I’d give him LES MILLS COMBAT, which is a martial arts program. It would be good for someone like Cartman because COMBAT would make him forget that he’s exercising and think he’s working on his fighting moves.”

LES MILLS COMBAT. Work out like a warrior. Get shredded in 60 days.

AGE: 40
HEIGHT: 5′ 10″
WEIGHT: 250–300 lbs.
As a bus driver, Ralph sits eight hours a day. As a man constantly trying to come up with get-rich-quick schemes, Ralph also sits for a different eight hours a day. You can see the problem.
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “He’d also be a candidate for 10-Minute Trainer, but since his wife wants him to go dancing and do more active stuff, and he’s resistant to it, I’d give him Hip Hop Abs instead. He’s out of shape, and almost any of our programs would work for him, but Hip Hop Abs gives you a little more rhythm, which might get him to take his wife dancing.”

AGE: unknown
HEIGHT: varies
WEIGHT: increases with every meal
After landing in the woods outside a small town in Pennsylvania, the Blob proceeded to eat an old man, a doctor, a nurse, a car mechanic, a janitor, a movie projectionist, and a bunch of movie patrons in a single night. Which isn’t healthy (or a good way to make friends).
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “The Blob didn’t like the cold. So I’d go with Brazil Butt Lift, which was shot on a beach set. It’s an indoor video program, but you’re looking at people on a beach. If the Blob can look at the beach all the time, it would probably be pretty motivated to exercise.”

AGE: 1,743
HEIGHT: 6’0”
WEIGHT: 5 clouds and 10 stars
While he works hard on Christmas Eve, old Saint Nick spends the rest of the year sleeping, fishing, and playing World of Warcraft. He also, on Christmas Eve, eats tons of cookies but only drinks half of the milk that kids leave out for him.
WHICH PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR HIM? “I think he needs P90X because it builds a functional fitness base that can see you through for a long time. And because the program trains you so thoroughly, you can keep your results for a long time. It’s a little more of a time investment up front, but for his schedule, it would be the best thing.”


Let me Help You! I would love to Be YOUR COACH. Pick a Program above and let’s Get started. Which Fictional Character are you most like??


Focus T25: Exercise Review The Workout For Those With No Time To Work Out

“Focus T25 is a slightly easier lower-impact version of Insanity that’s been condensed into a 25-minute workout.”

Our thoughts have been trimmed to 140 characters, our videos have been clipped to 10 seconds or less and now our workouts are next in line to be pared down. After all, who has time nowadays?

Meet Focus T25: one of the hottest new workouts, courtesy of hitmaker Beachbody, which is like the Disney of at-home fitness programs. They continue to pump out winners, and their latest hit is Focus T25. All it takes is a 25-minute commitment and you can get yourself in the peak physical shape you’ve been hoping for.

We all know that between YouTube, Twitter and various other internet black holes, you can burn 25 minutes without even noticing the time pass you by. Well, you can do that or you can spend those same 25 minutes burning calories with Focus T25 and becoming a better, stronger and healthier person today. The choice is yours.

What Is Focus T25?

The best way to describe Focus T25 is a slightly easier, lower-impact version of Insanity that’s been condensed into a 25-minute workout. Brought to us by Shaun T and Beachbody, who crafted Insanity, this is an intense total-body training program that pushes your cardio to the limits.

The highlight is that it’s only 25 minutes. It doesn’t require equipment and can be done from anywhere. That eliminates any possible excuse for not exercising. Don’t have an hour to spare in the gym? Don’t feel like doing a boring workout routine? Don’t want to pay an exorbitant membership fee? Well, here’s your solution.

“We recognize that people out there are busy. They don’t have a lot of time,” says Shaun T. “In fact, the No. 1 excuse people have for not exercising is they do not have time. We felt it was about time to create a workout that’s fast and that works. A program that anyone could do. That’s T25.”

You’ll find yourself doing a lot of jumps, lunges, squats and running moves. It’s an unrelenting workout, but time really flies. Before you know it, you’re done the 25 minutes, soaked in sweat and have burned big-time calories.

“It’s an intense 25 minutes — there’s no rest. You’ll be sweating and you’ll be challenged,” says Shaun T. “The goal was to condense an hour-long workout into 25 minutes, and I bet you get a better workout in those 25 minutes than with your typical gym workout.”

How Challenging Is It?

It’s very challenging. It is less extreme than Insanity, but by no means does that make it easy. It’s a jam-packed 25 minutes of cardio, total body and core work with no breaks. Even people who are in prime shape will find themselves hitting the pause button to catch their breath.

“I designed these workouts like a circuit,” says Shaun T. “It’s called focus interval training. We focus on one part of the body at a time and then move on to another part of the body, so you do get to rest that area. For example you may do a minute of lower body like a lunge, then when your legs are tired, we go to upper body for a minute, then an interval of cardio, then abs, then back to the legs. So the focus is always changing and you get to rest one part of the body while you work another part of the body.”

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A common complaint seems to be that workouts like Insanity or even CrossFit are too difficult. That sometimes you need to muster the willpower just to get up and do it — let alone finish it. While Focus T25 is going to test workout fiends no matter what shape they’re in, at no point does this workout feel like an insurmountable task. It’s only 25 minutes long and it’s a lot of basic moves that you’ve done before. It’s just one after another and there are no breaks, so you’re going to feel the burn.

Who Is It For?

Focus T25 is for someone who is looking to shed some pounds and get cut. With this program, it won’t take long. You’ll build a little bit of muscle doing Focus T25 but this is not a bulk-up workout. This is more about cardio, stamina and sweating it out.

“It’s for males, females, all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. If you’re in great shape, you’ll love it and I promise you’ll be sweating and challenged,” say Shaun T. “You get cardio, upper body, lower body, abs, core, stretching. And there’s a modifier, so no matter what your age or fitness level, you can do this.”

If you’re new to exercise, it’s actually a fairly good entry point. Think of it as that pump class you’ve been meaning to take at the gym — only this is more intense and will make you push yourself harder. However, if you hit your limits early, you can modify until you get comfortable. When you get better, you can try to stick with Shaun T and his crew.

As for those who are more advanced in the gym, this is a great sweat prior to weightlifting. If you normally hop onto the treadmill or bike to warm up, try Focus T25 and you’ll achieve your goals much faster. “Focus T25 is the perfect workout to build your base fitness level and then progress onto any Beachbody program,” says Shaun T.

With Focus T25, you’ll get your cardio, but it also adds some resistance training to your regiment, which will add a strength component to your warm up before you get to the heavy lifting.

How Does It Compare To Other Products?

As far as the actual workouts, they’re similar to the Plyometrics workout from P90x. It’s not the same intensity as a CrossFit Workout of the Day or Insanity Asylum, but without question, you’ll be soaked in sweat by the time you’re done. It also requires a lighter commitment. While P90x, Body Combat and some other Beachbody workouts ask you to be dedicated six or seven days a week, Focus T25 has a shorter commitment of five days a week.

The main selling point of Focus T25 is that it’s 25 minutes and that makes this product unique. It’s a niche of its own and it’s hard to find a product that compares. It takes excuses like “I don’t have any time” out of the equation. While some people might not want to pay the exorbitant fees of a personal trainer and others might not have an hour to commit for spin class/weights/getting to the gym and back, those factors don’t really come into play with Focus T25 — everyone has 25 minutes.

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Inspirational Mom Tania Ante Baron: T25 Changed My Life




Any Insaniacs out there?

The 39-year-old New York woman is proud mom to son Benjamin, nearly 2, and recently lost the 60 lbs. of pregnancy weight gain with T25 – a fitness program she worked on with her BFF, celebrity trainer Shaun T.

We’ve seen Tania front and center with Shaun T in Insanity – and mostly all of his workout DVDs – and we’ve envied her six-pack abs. But the woman known as ‘The Machine’ admits that maintaining her weight loss is a constant struggle.

As a former backup dancer for none other than popstar Britney Spears, Tania says struggling with body image was “a norm” in her field. And it wasn’t until she met Shaun T and started Insanity that she got control of her life.

While Insanity is called the “hardest workout ever put on DVD,” T25 is being called “the smartest.”

“I was the biggest skeptic when Shaun asked me to do the T25 focus group,” Tania shares. “I was actually terrified. I was afraid that I would not meet his expectations and I was afraid what everyone would think about ‘The Machine.’…After all of the workout programs that I have been in, Focus T25 is my only workout now.”



Continue reading Tania’s inspirational story, and also hear from her BFF, Shaun T…

Tania’s story:

“Contrary to popular belief, I have struggled, and I still struggle with weight. Growing up as a dancer kept me fit, however my diet was extremely unhealthy. The poor diet caught up with me when I got to college. Freshmen 15? How about Freshmen 40! I went up 4 sizes in 6 months.

Again, I was still working out every day as a dancer, but never adjusted my diet. One day, I realized that I couldn’t afford to buy all new clothes in bigger sizes, and quite frankly, I was miserable. I decided that I had to make some changes and after a long year of hard work, I lost the extra 40 lbs.

Struggling with body image was a norm in my field. As a professional dancer, I was constantly scrutinized for my body. I learned to get a thick skin and I just dealt with it as best I could, but I was never truly satisfied with my body image because let’s face it, the industry is BRUTAL!

The irony is that now that I’m just months away from being 40 and post baby, I can finally say that I am in the best shape of my life and I really love what I see looking back at me in the mirror.

I helped Shaun T create Insanity. I was involved in the 60-day test group where we develop and test the workouts on a group of people who dedicate 60 days with us and get put through the torture [laughs]. During this 60-day period, my body completely transformed.

Shaun T and I met in 2004 on a job where we were both dancers in The Ten Commandments musical starring Val Kilmer and Adam Lambert.

After seeing sketches of our ‘barely there’ costumes, all of us dancers decided to workout every morning before rehearsal and Shaun T said that he teaches fitness classes so he offered to train us all.

Since then, I have worked side-by-side with Shaun on every single workout program he has ever created — as his BFF. The only videos I am not in are the Asylum 1 & 2 workouts because I was pregnant.

I was completely uneducated about nutrition when I was dancing. I just figured that I could eat whatever I wanted because I was young and working out all day long. I used to eat cookies or chips and soda for breakfast. ICK! Then I went to the opposite extreme of yo-yo dieting before a big dance gig came around.

It wasn’t until I entered the fitness industry did I finally take control of my diet and indulge myself in nutrition. It’s amazing how much better your body feels when you treat it well.”

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Tania goes on to talk about being transformed by motherhood.

“My little Benjamin is my life and my heart (as well as my husband!). Motherhood suits me well. It truly is my biggest accomplishment and it is absolutely better than any other feeling. Benjamin is a healthy and happy boy who is approaching his second birthday.

I can’t believe little ‘ole me gained 60 lbs. [during pregnancy]. When I stepped on the scale the day I delivered my son, I saw 185 and was flabbergasted.

To be honest, I wasn’t worried at all about gaining weight. I loved being pregnant and I loved my body being pregnant. My son was always measuring on the larger size at each ultrasound but my doctor was definitely monitoring my weight because I was getting pretty heavy.

After my son was born, I had no idea what was going to happen to my body. Honestly, I thought that I would never ever get back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I just figured that this was my new mommy body and that was that.

Then, Shaun kept saying that he couldn’t wait for me to get back in shape so I could get back to work and be in his videos again — he said it didn’t feel right not having me there. Each time he would say this, I would just agree and say, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll be back in shape!’ But deep down inside, I was really sad and always said to myself, ‘I will never be in your videos again.’ I would get really emotional and heartbroken.

Having a C-section was not ideal for me. It was not planned at all. At my final ultrasound, my son was measuring over 10 lbs. and my doctor was getting concerned that my son hadn’t dropped at all and he was just going to get bigger and bigger now that I was at 40 weeks.

We discussed a C-section but I was adamantly against it but after weighing the pros and cons, I opted for the C-section. Here is the funny side of the story: it’s now 2pm at the doctor’s office and it’s Rosh Hashanah. My doctor was leaving shortly to observe the holiday and wasn’t returning for a few days so he says to me, ‘We can do this today or you’ll have to wait three days.’

Another three days seemed like an eternity when you’re at the end of your pregnancy. So, we opted for that same day. We had to go home, grab our bags and head to hospital by 4pm and we lived clear across town and had to face horrible L.A. traffic. So, it was basically a mad dash and chaos trying to make it to the hospital. All the while, I’m trying to call my family and Shaun to let them know that I was having a baby!

Shaun immediately booked a ticket to fly out from New York to be by my side. At the hospital, while the nurse was hooking me up the monitors, I kept complaining about gas pains and she looked at me and said, ‘Um, that’s not gas honey. You’re in labor!’


Then I immediately changed my mind about the C-section, called my doctor in and told him to change plans and that I wanted to go through the labor and deliver on my own. Then I changed my mind again — so many emotions run through you that I couldn’t get my thoughts together.

Fast forward to the operating room…the anesthesiologists are literally seconds from giving me the spinal to prepare for the surgery and I yelled, ‘STOP! I don’t want a C-section!’ Oh my, what a day. My doctor, who is the kindest man, made everyone halt and freeze while he just talked to me to try to calm me down. Then I opted for the surgery after all. The cons outweighed the pros and I didn’t want to chance it especially after having a late miscarriage in my second trimester prior to this pregnancy.

In the end, we definitely made the right decision because my doctor said that it would have been an emergency C-section anyway because the umbilical cord was wrapped around my son’s neck and he hadn’t dropped at all. It would have been a long and hard labor for both mommy and baby that was potentially an emergency surgery anyway. Phew!

Recovering from a C-section is gnarly, for lack of a better term. I couldn’t believe how weak my core was! I went from having an ironclad 6-pack to 60 lbs. of weigh gain and having my abdominals cut. It was painful and quite a struggle. I didn’t think I would ever get my strength back and realized I was going to have to settle with a post C-section tummy which meant no more workout videos and definitely no more sports bras.

I was the biggest skeptic when Shaun asked me to do the T25 focus group. I was actually terrified. I was afraid that I would not meet his expectations and I was afraid what everyone would think about ‘The Machine.’

It was an extremely difficult and sometimes treacherous road. I was emotional and my priorities were different. I needed to focus on being a mother and not on being a Machine. I couldn’t even hold a plank for 2 seconds much less get through an entire workout. I felt awful and out of shape.

It was pretty emotional but my husband did it with me so we had each other for emotional support. After the first month, I couldn’t believe the results! I was starting to feel like my old self again, much to my surprise. It was pretty unbelievable.

I lost 16 lbs. and look and feel even better than I ever have. My body became long and lean, not bulky. My before and after photos don’t even look like the same person! After all of the workout programs that I have been in, Focus T25 is my only workout now!

I work full time and I am a mother. I have zero time but there are no excuses with T25 — everyone can find 25 minutes. Honestly, it’s the only thing that motivates me to workout everyday — it’s only 25 minutes total of my day. To be in the best shape of my life post pregnancy, and almost 40, by just working out 25 minutes per day — why would I do anything else?

Be patient with yourself. Don’t compare yourself to those you see on TV. Everyone is different and every body is different. There is this absurd obsession with being bikini ready in less than 3 months of having a baby. In the first 3 months, you’re barely sleeping and never have time for yourself but that’s okay. Your priority is your baby!

It took me nine months to put on the weight and it took me exactly nine months to get it all off. Those last 15-20 lbs. were the most difficult and T25 was the answer!”


Shaun T also adds his thoughts on Tania’s amazing transformation from T25 and his best advice to busy moms who think they don’t have the time to workout.

“Tania really did it herself. She helps me create the workouts. She helps me keep my life in order too. She’s a great mom. Like I always say, ‘I’m just a tool in the toolbox for workouts and if people choose my method I am very happy about that.’

But Tania was still a Machine. She had to modify the workouts and that was the key. She was able to build her body back. Slowly and effectively by staying dedicated.

My best advice is to find the time. Make fitness a part of your day as you would do anything else. I think fitness gets lost in the ‘chore’ category. Health is very important. It should be like brushing your teeth.

Find something that you want to do, something you enjoy and you will succeed. T25 is perfect for women because they can do it in the time that the baby is taking a nap. It is only 25 minutes and a lot can happen in 25 minutes. All you have to do is pop in the DVD and before you know it, its over.

I work every body part with this program and of course, Tania is modifying for those who are just jumping back into it. It is so well rounded and fun. And you will see results — I promise!

I had a time in my life where I had to struggle to lose 50 lbs. of fast weight gain. I know what it’s like to go through the process of losing weight. I think thats why I can relate to so many people and their stories.

It’s sometimes really tough to start a workout program and lose weight, but dedication to self is key.

What drives me to help people reach their fitness goals is that I want people to be happy. I want people to have energy. I want people to feel confident and powerful.

I think when people are happy with themselves inside and out, there is so much positivity in the world. It breaks down some insecure barriers that cause internal strife.

I know I can’t reach everyone, but my goal is to reach as many people as possible and help many more people smile when they think of themselves and when they look in the mirror after putting on a hot outfit before going to a party or out with their significant other.”



How to Bust Your 6 Biggest Excuses


By Kara Wahlgren

When you’re feeling overworked or overwhelmed, it’s easy to find an excuse to skip a workout…or two…or a whole week’s worth. But don’t let bad excuses get in the way of good intentions. Here’s how to keep them from derailing your fitness routine.

THE EXCUSE: “I’m too busy!”

Instead of letting your endless to-do list take priority over your health goals, treat exercise like any other important task. “It’s about prioritizing and planning ahead. Set a time and schedule it, as if it were a dental appointment,” says Jimi Varner, a trainer on MTV’s I Used to be Fat series. Of course, there will be days when you really are too swamped to squeeze in a full workout—but that doesn’t mean you should skip it altogether. Instead, try to carve out a few minutes to break a sweat. “If you have just 10 minutes, it’s still progress,” Varner says. “It doesn’t have to be an hour and a half, so knock it off.” Go outdoors and do a few sprints, or try a time-crunch-friendly program like FOCUS T25® or P90X3™.

THE EXCUSE: “I’m beat.”

Whether you’re sore from yesterday’s workout or drained from a long week at work, don’t bail out just because you’re low on energy. Start slowly, and gauge how you’re feeling after the first few minutes. “It’s okay to exercise at a lower intensity for a shorter time. Start doing it, and really listen to your body to see if this is nurturing or punishing,” says Michelle Segar, PhD, Associate Director for University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center and a motivation and behavioral sustainability researcher. “This helps get people more in tune with their body and actually can improve their desire to move.” Promise yourself you’ll do the first five minutes of your workout—once you get going, chances are you’ll go ahead and push through.

THE EXCUSE: “I’m broke.”

When you’re on a tight budget, it can be hard to justify the cost of a monthly gym membership. But you don’t need Globo-Gym to get in shape. “Walking is among the best ways to move, and you can do it anywhere,” Segar says. And Varner suggests picking up furniture movers (usually under $10) and using them for lunges or mountain climbers. And, ahem, we can recommend a few DVD training programs that won’t break the bank.

THE EXCUSE: “The gym is intimidating.”

Man Lifting a WeightYou might feel like everyone’s staring at you, but the truth is, they’re probably way too busy worrying about what they look like. So get out of hermit mode and go build a support system. “Everybody you see in these classes was once in your shoes,” Varner says. “They understand how you feel and the courage it takes to be there. And they will be more than happy to help and be supportive and friendly.”  If this IS true….you can do an AT HOME WORKOUT….

THE EXCUSE: “I’m bored.”

If you do the same workout every…single…day, it’s easy to fall into a rut. But there’s no rule that you have to stick to a rigid, repetitive fitness regimen. “You can change up any part of your routine,” Segar says. Renew your enthusiasm by starting a new program, joining a new class, ditching the treadmill for a hiking trail, or making a friendly weight-loss wager with a friend.  With Beachbody their programs offer a lot of variation and keeps the workouts interesting.  One day it’s YOGA and then the next day Strength training ect.  Check Out What Beachbody Has to Offer. 

THE EXCUSE: “I’m dieting instead.”

Just because you’re counting calories, it doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to chill on the couch. “Diet alone works well when weight loss is the goal, but adding exercise to the mix can enhance the results,” Varner says. “Exercise has countless other health benefits than just weight loss—you’ll look better, feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and be more productive at work and home.” And with all those benefits, why would you want to make excuses?