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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can anyone do the various exercises? Yes, mostly anyone can do the various exercises, however, please consult your Physician before doing any type of physical activity. Our Workout at Home Posters feature mostly low impact exercises that allow you to go at your own pace.
  • Are the Workout Posters Waterproof? Our Workout at Home Posters are Professionally printed and have a laminated coating to help reduce the chance of water damage. We would advise that you do not submerge your poster in water, but your poster is made to withstand some indirect contact with water or liquids.
  • Are there any special tools required to hang the Workout Poster? Our Workout at Home Posters are easy to hang. Our recommendation is that you hang with 3M Picture Hanging Strips. However, basic thumb tacks will work just fine.
  • How long will the Poster last? Our Posters are designed to last. They are durable and made to last with normal wear and tear.
  • Can I travel with the Poster? Yes, your posters will travel well. Simply remove the poster from the surface, roll on itself and place in your suitcase.
  • Will I need to purchase any additional equipment to do the exercises? No, the only equipment you need is your poster and a willingness to work. That’s what makes our posters so easy to use.